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Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative

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Director: Nadine Hubbs, Women's Studies and Music
Steering Committee: David Halperin, English Language and Literature and Women’s Studies; Valerie Traub, English Language and Literature and Women’s Studies

LGQRI fosters intellectual conversation and interdisciplinary connection among faculty, graduate students, and staff engaged in research and scholarship on the cultural production of sexuality. Since its founding in 2001, LGQRI has pursued its strategy of developing a more formal identity for the abundant resources that already exist on campus. U-M has not lacked breadth or depth of resources, student interest, or faculty expertise in this area, only connections and central organization. The field of LGQ studies is still evolving, and existing resources have developed in separate disciplinary domains. LGQRI aims to foster interdisciplinary scholarship and conversation, and to provide a locus from which to facilitate the consolidation and dissemination of information and the development of new collaborative ventures. LGQRI sponsors a vibrant speaker series. The program organized an international conference on “Gay Shame,” in 2003, which resulted in the 2010 publication of Gay Shame (The University of Chicago Press).

LGQRI pursues the following goals:

  • establish a profile and a locus around which contacts and dialogue about LGQ research and scholarship can coalesce
  • continue the lecture series begun by the Lesbian/Gay Studies Workshop
  • host various conferences, such as the international conference on “Gay Shame,” held at U-M in March, 2003
  • design and produce a poster for each semester’s lecture series
  • create a brochure for departmental and program recruitment of graduate students, to be distributed by Rackham as part of their recruitment/admissions process
  • develop a list of faculty affiliates and courses, to be distributed to all graduate students at the University
  • explore potential connections with students and faculty to identify their interests for broader interdisciplinary initiatives
  • work with the Alumni Development Office and the Gay and Lesbian Alumni Newsletter to foster giving for graduate student fellowships and support for faculty research
  • support proposals by graduate students for initiatives designed to enhance research opportunities and collaboration across departmental and disciplinary boundaries.

For a Short History of LGQRI and LGQ matters in general at U-M, click here.

For more information about LGQRI, contact Prof. Nadine Hubbs.