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Reproductive Justice

Directors: Ed Goldman and Alexandra Minna Stern
Co-Directors: Lisa Harris and Tim Johnson

Our group brings together faculty from across the schools and colleges at UM (Medicine, Nursing, Law, LS&A, Public Health, and Social Work) who share a commitment to reproductive justice (RJ) as a framework for feminist research and community engagement. This group was launched in the summer of 2013, on the heels of a major international conference "RJ in Ann Arbor: Activists, Advocates, and Academics," that was supported by Rackham and by our home (ObGyn) department's Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice Program.

In fall 2013, we began to meet monthly to present and discuss our respective RJ projects, which are topically and geographically diverse. In addition, collectively we have been reflecting on opportunities for and limits to doing RJ work in academia, and plan to develop our crystallizing opinions into a series of position papers that ideally will be of value to the RJ movement. This group has achieved a critical mass with an average of 14 active members who appreciate having a designated time each month to focus on what doing RJ work means to us as scholars and feminists.