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Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative

Thirty Years of Thinking Sex - October 2, 2014

As part of IRWG's 20th anniversary celebration, the Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative (LGQRI) will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the publication of Gayle Rubin’s essay “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality.”

Six scholars will address how Professor Rubin's piece has been generative in LGBTQ and sexuality studies, the essay’s impact across the disciplines, and adaptations to new topics and concerns in the present and future.

The Symposium will feature:

  • "Praying Sex, or the Rites of Queer Religion"
    Mark Jordan, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Christian Thought, Harvard Divinity School

  • "Description as Queer Ethics"
    Heather Love, R. Jean Brownlee Term Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the English Department, University of Pennsylvania

  • "Beyond the Charmed Circle: From Deviance to Wildness"
    Tavia Nyong’o, Associate Professor of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

  • "The Trouble with Charismatic Megafauna: Somaly Mam and Nicholas Kristof Crash and Burn"
    Carole S. Vance, PhD MPH, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University

  • "Gayle Rubin's 'Benign Sexual Variation': A Critical Concept for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality"
    Rostom Mesli, Sylvia "Duffy" Engle Graduate Student Fellow in the Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan

  • "My Strange Career"
    Gayle Rubin, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan
  • Please join us for a Dance Party at /aut/ BAR at 8pm, featuring DJ Gayle Rubin!

    6 Panelists for Thirty Years of Thinking Sex

    Register at thinkingsex.eventbrite.com

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