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Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative

Upcoming Events

Gender & Feminist Psychology
Charlotte Tate, San Francisco State University
Similarities in Self-Categorization Dynamics for Transgender Spectrum and Cisgender Adults

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
12:00 p.m.
4448 East Hall

Much of the clinical and gender studies literature has focused on the differences between transgender spectrum and cisgender experiences of self-categorization. In this talk, I examine the potential similarities in self-categorization structure for trans* and cis respondents from a personality perspective. This work is an extension of my recently published review paper in Review of General Psychology (Tate, Youssef, & Bettergarcia, 2014). Specifically, I discuss my lab's work on the felt-sense of gender self-categorization—which we operationalize as the amount of self and discrete gender category overlap across multiple gender categories. Results from three studies show that these self-category overlap ratings are the only measures that recover adults’ self-categorizations as female, male, or nonbinary. Furthermore, this overlap measure outperforms other measures associated with gender identity, such as self-rated gender typicality and gender identity importance. Crucially, this self-gender-category overlap measure works equally well for binary respondents (i.e., women and men across cis or trans profiles) and thereby suggests a fundamental similarity in the self-categorization structures of female and male. Finally, I also detail the use of this measure for two different types of nonbinary respondents (i.e., genderblended and post-gender).

Presented by the Department of Women's Studies, Psychology, and the Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative at IRWG.

Funny Kinda Guy
Songs and Stories with Simon de Voil

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
4:00 p.m.
2239 Lane Hall

Scottish musician and transgender activist Simon de Voil has been performing since 1999, when he played the Celtic Connections (Glasgow) open stage with his band Icarus. Since the demise of Icarus in 2002 Simon has released three solo albums: Sacred Earth (2008), The Boat Builder (2010), and Heart Medicine (2011). In recent years Simon has toured internationally, establishing a reputation as a talented singer-songwriter and storyteller. He pairs thoughtful and inspiring lyrics with cracking good tunes, compelling piano melodies, and a rich, tender vocal style.

Simon is not your usual folkie—his musical work includes playing for rites of passage, healing, worship services, and community-building events. Lately some of his favorite gigs have been played at youth centers, sickbeds, industrial workshops, homeless drop-in centers, and ancient chapels. His unusual life and music are the focus of the award-winning documentary film Funny Kinda Guy. You can find out more about Simon and hear his music at www.simondevoil.co.uk

Presented with support from the Spectrum Center.

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