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Feminist Research Seminar


Feminist Research Seminar

IRWG Feminist Research Seminars are small, themed residential conferences, proposed and designed by interested applicants, bringing together 10-12 feminist scholars to address quandaries in theoretical or empirical research related to gender, women and sexuality.

The seminar offers feminist scholars a unique opportunity to work together, uninterrupted, in an intimate and supportive setting for several days. IRWG Feminist Research Seminars are also designed to encourage connections for future collaboration among participants.

While formats may vary, depending on the wishes of the organizer(s), the main focus of a seminar should be individual research concerns and quandaries with which participants are grappling. Research concerns may be practical, substantive or more personal.

Both junior and senior tenure-track faculty from across disciplines and institutions may apply to become seminar organizers; it is they who will determine seminar participants. 

These seminars are designed to be flexible and crafted to meet the needs of the participants; they carry no financial cost and few constraints.

The application deadline for organizers was January 15, 2015.

Application Guidelines/Call for Proposals (PDF)

Current Recipients (2014-15 Academic Year)