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Research Staff


Liu Li

Cosponsored Affiliate

Dr. LIU is a professor at the school of Marxism of Guangzhou University, China. Her research focuses on Marxism, feminist theory and women's political theory. She emphasizes how feminism develops the traditional Marxism and expands Marxism’s analysis dimension. She is the author of Reinterpretation of Engels' "Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State" (2003), Public Policy Decision and Consciousness of Gender (2003),  A New Interpretation of Marxist Feminism on Capitalism and Socialism (2004), Three-dimensional Space of Politics of Race, Gender and Class (2004),  The Three-dimensional Relationship of Race, Class and Gender in the age of Economic Globalization (2007) and Power Relation In Beauty Economy (2008). Her current research focuses on women’s changing situation within capitalism's global expansion.


Kathryn "Kitty" Lundquist

Research Technician Intermediate

1239 Lane Hall

Ms. Lundquist has years of experience assisting in school-based adolescent research projects.  She works with the research team, school district administrations, IT personnel, and survey companies for the projects’ many operational aspects.  She also managed a pilot language study working with senior adults.

Ms. Lundquist earned her associate's degree in business administration from Butler County Community College (1986).

Janie Slayden

Senior Research Area Specialist

1237 Lane Hall

Ms. Slayden is a research project manager with a broad range of experience in large, complex local and national studies. Her personal research interests correspond to the projects she has managed, namely substance use/abuse, general mental health, disaster mental health, and community health and social welfare. She has managed research studies in Detroit neighborhoods, hospitals, prisons, college campuses, residential treatment centers, and, currently, West Africa. She is former research associate director of the National Center for Disaster Mental Health Research.

Ms. Slayden earned her MA in clinical and educational psychology from Wayne State University (1984).